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CCTV news in thailand update
Hi My name is Chakri Boonyanaruthee (30) , from thailand .

last week i saw many website to find information about securitythai & cctv technology .

so i found tons of website in thailand ( siam country ) so this is a list of website.
  • CCTV Article  : this website is talking about cctv in thailand it's made by wordpress MU
  • CCTV Weebly : this web made from weebly CMS , it's a mini web of cctv information compare cctv brand from china , USA
  • CCTV thai 2010 : this blog made from last week , cctv2010 tell about website the company reach the top of world cctv in thailand 15 miliion baht for buy & sell klong wong jon pid product.
  • Thai Security : why cctv have product sell value more than ip camera ( Hikvision , sony )
  • Siam Security : frequency ask question about ipcamera and cctv  ( can cctv prevent you from the thief )
  • Security CCTV Thai : whats' difference about PAL & NTSC system , how to choose lens for your CCTV.
  • Security Thai news : program for control your ip camera from your mobile phone , PDA , iPAD
and the surprise !! we have first animation about CCTV in thailand ! oh god , this is awesome .

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